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Over the last 10 years I have had the privilege of playing rugby professionally which has undoubtedly shaped my career.

Throughout I have pushed myself both on and off the field to achieve my goals. I have set my standards high and continually looked to develop my game and myself, on occasions taking me outside of my comfort zone, which has been key for development.

I want R360 to offer a unique experience that gives you the opportunity to see inside the professional environment whilst delivering elite coaching to all age groups. Our MAX360 Program is one of a kind and focuses on personal development which is essential to life. We look into the areas of team skills, leadership, nutrition, to share knowledge from the world of elite sport.

We look forward to seeing you.

About R360

Olly Morgan, ex-Gloucester & England rugby player and now Director of Rugby at Cheltenham College. Olly has experienced world class coaching throughout his career and now transfers this knowledge into his coaching role. Olly has enjoyed success with coaching the Gloucester 7’s team and has lead them to two successive Premiership titles. He continues to assist with the academy and helping the future talent of English rugby develop.

Alongside Olly is Josh Frape. Josh played professional rugby for a number of years and now works as a Personal Development Manager at the Rugby Players Association. His role sees him work with professional athletes helping them develop professionally and personally away from the rugby field. The development focuses on areas that not only help the athletes now, in the short term, but also in the future.

The Max360 Program is designed to look at the 360° approach to personal development. We feel its important to learn and grow as an individual and look at key areas that impact this.


We focus on specific areas that develop peoples' personal skills, benefiting them in a number of ways throughout life. Areas covered include leadership, teamwork, communication, resilience and self-awareness.



Food is fundamental to performance and without a healthy balanced diet it can affect you physically and mentally. Our expert sports nutritionist will discuss the importance of food and how you can implement it into your daily routine.


Social Media

An area that is the number one platform for communication amongst young people today. We talk about the different social media channels and how you can use them positively by building a strong personal brand, whilst also being mindful of the pitfalls.


Injury Prevention

As a contact sport it is necessary to understand injuries and how best to manage them. Our expert provides education and knowledge around injuries, what can be done to prevent them and how to recover effectively.


R360 Programs

For Boys and Girls aged 10-13 and 14-16

Our aim is to deliver a coaching experience that focuses not just on your technical skills but also developing your game understanding in a fun and creative way.

Example Training Day

8.30-9.15 – Arrival

Registration and Welcome

9.30-10.30 – Dynamic WarmUp

Movements patterns that are key for performance

10.45-12.00 – Coaching 1

Hand / Eye Co-ordination

13.00-14.30 – Master Class Coaching II

Technical & Tactical Aspects

14.45-15.30 – Conditioned Games

Games focusing on fitness and rugby skills

15.30-16.30 – MAX360

Personal Development

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